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Exchange 2007 Powershell Script for harvesting mailboxes from an Exchange 2007 system using the Exchange Powershell on a 32 bit host on the same domain with Outloook 2003/2007 for installed for PST dependencies.

foreach ($mboxID in Get-Content UserNames.dat) {

export-mailbox -identity $mboxID -confirm:$false -pstfolderpath x:\DestinationDir

Exchange 2010 makes it a bit more difficult.  You need to make a shared data area available from your storage medium to the Exchange server you’ll be dumping from.

You’ll need to install the Exchange Management Console Powershell on a 64bit client machine.  From that shell,

foreach ($mboxID in Get-Content mboxlist.txt) {
New-MailboxExportRequest -mailbox $mboxID ‘
-filepath \\yourshareddataarea\mboxID.PST

This will dump all the content, including trash, but not deleted boxes.  Note: Microsoft changes how commands quite frequently, so validate your dumps every so often to ensure you’re not missing content.  Note also: Exchange only supports 10 open Export Requests at one time, so you’ll need to loop on long lists of mailboxes and perform a Remove-MailboxExportRequest to clear the lists every so often.


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